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The Joy of Business with Simone Milasas of Access Consciousness

November 29, 2013

Simone Milasas the worldwide coordinator of Access Consciousness® and the creative spark that ignited Joy of Business joins eHealth Radio and the Personal Development Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Simone Milasas discuss the following:

  • You are the author of Joy of Business? Those two don't normally come hand in hand can you tell us how the name came about?
  • You were $187K in debt how did you turn your life around?
  • What do you see a big mistake that most business owners do?
  • You say business is an adventure? How do we start shifting our mindset that is has to be hard work?
  • If people would  like to change their money situations what do you suggest they do?
  • What would you like everyone to know? 

Duration: 10:05

Simone Milasas grew up in Sydney, Australia attending an elite private school with a strong desire to find out more about the world than what was shown to her. Simone desired to travel the world and experience people, cultures and countries first hand.

Simone worked in many different industries and countries including helping create a new line for the London Underground, an Austrian Chalet to a Kamaki in the Greek Islands to name a few. Simone grew up with an enthusiasm for finding out about everything, she loved business from an early age and wished to learn everything she possibly could, hence working in everything from warehouses to national sales management to owning her own importing company from 3rd world countries.

Simone has always believed that anything is possible and desired to inspire people to choose everything they could, thus creating one of her business’s Good Vibes For You – which was about inspiring people to choose, change and be different, which drew her to Access Consciousness.

As a result of the travelling, creating business’s and working in many different industries and never ceasing to seek what she knew was possible, She is currently the world wide coordinator of Access Consciousness - a major multi million dollar company that operates in approximately 49 countries. Simone has run the successful and growing Australian company for over 12 years now.

After years of people telling her how different she is in business, Simone finally wrote a book called the Joy of Business and is currently working on her second book From Debt to Money Play.

Simone does not have credentials for business but the pure joy of business, which is the difference that creates success and wealth.


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