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The importance of people-led design in Digital Health

December 14, 2019




Guy Cooper, Managing Director of Wave Digital, an app development company in Melbourne, Australia joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Technology Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Guy Cooper discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your role at Wave Digital?
  2. What’s your involvement in Australia’s digital health industry?
  3. What is people-led design and why is it important?
  4. Can you provide some practical examples of apps you have designed including the impact of a people-led design approach?
  5. What is your advice to digital health startups looking to develop an app?

Tip: If you are thinking of developing an app, make sure you put time and energy into understanding the target audience for your product. The better you understand users frustrations, needs and fears, the more useful your product will be and therefore the more likely it will succeed.

Guy Cooper is Managing Director of Wave Digital, an app development company in Melbourne, Australia. A business owner and tech entrepreneur, Guy works with founders, executives and fellow business owners to bring their app idea to life. After spending a decade in business and a decade in technology, Guy knows how to use apps to drive business growth and improve lives.

Guy started his career as an accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He later moved into the tech industry as Chief Financial Accountant of 99designs (and the broader Sitepoint Group). Under his financial oversight, 99designs grew from a team of 5 to over 100, culminating in a $35m financing round from Accel Partners. Since 2013, he has successfully owned and managed Wave Digital, an app development company that has delivered custom software to Startups, Business and Government for the past 19 years. In 2019, Wave Digital has been ranked the Top Melbourne App Developer by Clutch, a premier ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers.

Throughout his career, Guy has worked with a wide array of businesses in a variety of industries from healthcare, education, transport and property development to agriculture, hospitality, book publishing and world-wide ‘.com’ technology companies. He uses this breadth of experience to provide refreshing advice and industry insights that make people want him as their adviser, partner and mentor.

Guy is a Chartered Accountant, jazz enthusiast, Dad and French language student (not in that order).





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