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The importance of accurate and precise blood volume measurement in heart failure and critical care patients

December 23, 2020



Michael Feldschuh, the CEO of Daxor, an innovative medical instrumentation and biotechnology company focused on blood volume measurement joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Michael Feldschuh discuss the following:

  1. Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you got interested in the medical technology field that led to your involvement with Daxor?
  2. Let’s talk about BVA-100 and its benefits to physicians? How does BVA-100 differentiate from other similar technologies?
  3. How does BVA-100 allow clinicians to provide better outcomes for their patients?
  4. Are there any recent studies that validate BVA?
  5. Please give us an overview of BVA-100 and how it improves outcomes for heart failure patients?

Daxor Corporation (NYSE: DXR) is an innovative medical instrumentation and biotechnology company focused on blood volume measurement. We developed and market the BVA-100® (Blood Volume Analyzer), the first diagnostic blood test cleared by the FDA to provide safe, accurate, objective quantification of blood volume status and composition compared to patient-specific norms. The BVA technology has the potential to improve hospital performance metrics in a broad range of surgical and medical conditions, including heart failure and critical care, by informing treatment strategies, resulting in significantly improved patient outcomes. Our mission is to partner with clinicians to incorporate BVA technology into standard clinical practice and improve the quality of life for patients.





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