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The Future of Medical Recalls

December 18, 2020




Joan Melendez, the Founder and President at health-tech startup Xcelrate UDI joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Technology Channels. Their technology, a medical device barcode scanning solution, identifies and prevents the use of recalled and faulty medical products and devices to improve patient safety at the point of care.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Joan Melendez discuss the following:

  1. What is a Unique Device Identifier, and why has it become so relevant in recent times?
  2. What kind of impact are medical recalls currently having on the healthcare industry and patients?
  3. How could full-scale adoption of your barcode scanning technology change healthcare - for patients and the industry as a whole?
  4. How can technology be better used across healthcare -- for communication, organisation, data storage?
  5. The Closed Loop Automation Solution you’ve partnered on has introduced an electronic patient implant card. How will this benefit patients?

Tip: If you’ve had a medical device implanted or are about to, ask your doctor about how they are ensuring your implants are safe for use and how you will be notified of quality issues should your implants be recalled after they are implanted.

Founder and President Joan Melendez leads the team at Xcelrate UDI. Having been in the healthcare industry since her teens, Joan has become a passionate advocate for the safety of patients and for innovation in healthcare.

Xcelrate UDI is a healthcare technology and consulting services company that leverages the power of UDI (unique device identifier) barcode scanning technology to bridge the information gaps between data sources (provided by manufacturers and the FDA) for medical devices and physical supplies. Their vision? To be the industry’s most trusted partner in advancing UDI adoption to improve compliance with medical devices and reduce patient risk at the point of care.





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