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The common affliction of Pee-Shy with Dr. Frank Spinelli

February 12, 2014

Dr. Frank Spinelli is board certified in Internal Medicine and a fellow of the American College of Phsyicians. He is also the author of Pee-Shy and joins eHealth Radio and the Children's Health and Mental Health Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Frank Spinelli discuss the following:

  • Why did you write your book, Pee-Shy?
  • Can you explain why most victims don’t come forward sooner and when they do they’re usually an adult?
  • Being “pee-shy” is a common affliction, but having it chronically is no laughing matter. How seriously can it affect a person’s life, and what feelings does it cause when you’re struggling with it in a social situation?
  • If there is one misconception about child molestation you’d like to clear up what would that be?
  • Do you think oversexualizing children promotes child molestation?


Facts for parents regarding child molestation

1. Child molesters are often someone the child or the parents know. 1 in 6 boys and 1 in 4 girls are molested by age 16. Stranger abduction occurs 1 in 1.5 million.

2. Talk to your children about their adult interactions with teachers, coaches, priests and neighbors.

3. Sexual predators often communicate with children on line posing as other children.

4. Monitor your child’s social media (Facebook, twitter), emails and texts.

5. Certain on line games allow your child to play with people they don’t know. Question your child about their on line activity. For example if they are being asked to send pictures or if they are being directed to chat rooms or websites.

What to do if you suspect a child is being molested.


  • T – TALK to your child. Ask them specific questions especially if you notice changes in their behavior (becoming withdrawn, bed wetting, decline in school performance).
  • A – Go to the AUTHORITIES. Child molestation is a crime. If you suspect your child is being molested speak with the police. Do not go to the principal, head coach or Monsignor.
  • T – THERAPY. Early professional psychological counseling will prevent years of shame, guilt and pain your child will experience.
  • L – LOVE your child. Let them know they did nothing wrong. Tell them it wasn't their fault and that you are there for them.

Duration: 11:09

Dr. Frank Spinelli is a licensed and board certified internist at Chelsea Village Medical in Manhattan. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at New York Medical College and a fellow of the American College of Physicians. Dr. Spinelli is a board member of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center. He is the author of Advocate Guide to Gay Men’s Health and Wellness, published in 2008 by Alyson Books.

Dr. Spinelli appeared as himself on several episodes of Sesame Streethelping Murray define the Word on the Street. Currently, Dr. Spinelli appears monthly on Sirius Radio’s Morning Jolt, and co-hosted a two part show, Speak Out: Real Talk about AIDS on Sirius Radio. In 2012, he was featured in two documentaries, Positive Youth and the Emmy nominated, 30 Years from Here. His second book, a memoir entitled, PEE SHY was published by Kensington Books in January 2013. This spring Dr. Spinelli hosts, Dueling Doctors for Veria Living.


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