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Super Sprout, Powdered Certified Organic Healthy Food Products

January 3, 2015

Melinda Richards, Founder and CEO of Super Sprout, a company that is revolutionizing the food industry by producing 100% pure fruit and vegetable powders that are just as good as eating fresh produce joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Nutrition Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Melinda Richards discuss the following:

  • Please tell our listeners a little bit about Super Sprout. What inspired you to create these Super Sprout powders?
  • How does Super Sprout help people get the nutrition they need? Apart from picky eaters, who else can benefit from Super Sprout?
  • What are the current line of Super Sprout fruit and vegetable powders? Can you tell us some of the great and healthy recipes that you found interesting using SuperSprout?
  • Where can listeners learn more about Super Sprout, and where can they find it in stores?
  • How can our listeners try SuperSprout and follow you in your social media channels.

Duration: 10:47

Food and nutrition have become all consuming “hot topics” in today’s society. It seems that where-ever we turn, there is an new fad or diet, or a person standing in front of us in a white lad coat (body building outfit, or measuring tape wrapped around their hips) selling something to do with weight loss, nutritional supplements and “healthy eating” alternatives.

Within the new information age, the level of knowledge that we have collectively built up in to the food that we put into our bodies is overwhelming, and for those who are suffering from illness, eating disorders or are over weight it can become an obsession.

Parents also suffer the constant conflict of children wanting the junk food that is readily available and quick and easy, with the knowledge that those foods are having a large negative impact on the child’s overall health and wellbeing.

Food is one of the greatest pleasures of being human. Our social foundations are built around the enjoyment and consumption of food. But have we made it all too complex for ourselves? Are we unable to un-hook ourselves from the pleasure of certain foods and the dire impact it is having on our society’s health?

I know many people who are now looking to try and make sense of it all by getting back to basics and getting back to real food. Whole food, the way nature intended. That is what Super Sprout is all about, and why our is founded on the principles of everything in moderation, enjoy food and living life in the most healthy way possible, but with out complexity, hassle and guilt.

Super Sprout is here to assist you in the day-to-day challenge of eating great food, and acquiring your daily dose of fresh food and vegetables, in the most easy and convenient way possible. The use of Super Sprout 100% pure fruit and vegetable powders is only limited to your imagination – simply put them into your favourite recipe or add them to your favourite juice or smoothie. They are just as nutritional as eating fresh fruit and vegetables only much more convenient.


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