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Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the Chain of Survival

February 26, 2017



Cindy Dunbar, Director of Customer Care, with AED Superstore, the world’s largest distributor of automated external defibrillators joins eHealth Radio and the Heart Health, Emergency Care & Health News Channels to discuss sudden cardiac arrest and the chain of survival.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Cindy Dunbar discuss the following:

  • When it comes to sudden cardiac arrest, there has been a lot of talk about the Chain of Survival. Let’s talk about that today. What is the chain of survival and what are each of the links?
  • So obviously calling 911 is at the first step because you want to get EMS on the way so you can get to the fourth link, right?
  • The next link in the chain is early CPR.  Not just CPR, but early CPR.  Why is that?
  • So if early CPR is important, than early defibrillation must be just as important?
  • Next in the chain is EMS arrival - and that must be a great relief for the rescuer!
  • What/Which is advanced hospital care?


For almost 20 years, Cindy Dunbar has worked in the retail industry in one capacity or another. Managing retail stores, Purchasing Manager for a small group of stores, owning a retail store and then working the other side of sales by being the Midwest Upper Regional Sales Manager for Cornell Trading, Inc. Being involved in sales from all different perspectives provided her the experience and knowledge that has helped her in Customer Service for AED Superstore since 2007.  

Starting as a Customer Service Representative she learned all different aspects of the business itself and the nuances of the AED industry.  Over the years she worked her way up to Customer Service Manager, Business Development Manager and is now the Director of Customer Care. As the Director she oversees every aspect of quality provided to all customers.  She is responsible for the success of each Customer Care Representative and the overall sales of that department.




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