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Stress-free living now, by turning on your brain

February 24, 2015

Zach Polsfuss, the Director of Expansion at Higher Brain Living which is a gentle touch technique that causes a surge of energy and metabolism to go to the Pre-Frontal Cortex joins eHealth Radio and Personal Development & Stress Management Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Zach Polsfuss discuss the following:

  • What is Higher Brain Living?
  • What is the wild response in the body we see when someone receives a higher brain living session- It looks like your just touching them (along what I would think of as acupuncture meridians) and this amazing response happens and HBL clients report feeling awesome - what’s going on?
  • Most people today seem to be too stressed out and not living a meaningful or purposeful life- can this help one find purpose?
  • What do you mean when you say " sameness = safety”?
  • Research at the University of Wisconsin measured brain changes in advanced monks and found changes in the part of the brain you’re talking about...How is HBL different from Meditation or other approaches?

Duration: 14:17

Zach Polsfuss, Director of Expansion with Higher Brain Living®, has an undeniable passion for understanding the biggest questions facing us as human beings. Who are we? Why are we here? Why is sustainable change so rare? He has devoted his life to pursuing the answers to these questions. Zach’s quest has led him to discover Higher Brain Living® for himself and has inspired him to lead others in this new movement.

Zach is a dynamic and engaging speaker who conveys his passion and conviction for Higher Brain Living® by leading with his heart. Through his journey of personal growth and transformation, Zach has traveled the globe to places such as Vancouver, Canada and Brisbane, Australia to see the likes of Sydney Banks, the founder of The Three Principles, and Prem Rawat, teacher of the meditation technique called Knowledge.

After witnessing a Higher Brain Living® presentation, Zach was blown away by the immediate efficacy of the hands on technique and also the deep meaning with which he could now work. He left his successful career in sales to pursue Higher Brain Living® full time by enrolling in Advanced License Training. At training Zach states “I was rewarded with the most acute and permanent life-changing experience of my life,” the “kind of experience people spend their entire lives meditating to achieve and never do, an unfathomable life changer”. He then put his new knowledge and skills into action and opened an AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ Center in the heart of Minneapolis. In addition Zach was invited to join the National Higher Brain Living® Presenters Team and was quickly promoted to Higher Brain Living® Director of Expansion.

Zach is also an Advanced Higher Brain Living® Trainer and now states “I feel humbled and grateful to be part of something that is going to profoundly change the world”.


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