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Somnia, a new solution for sleep wellness and care

November 20, 2014

Peter Fatianow, the President and CEO of Somnia, a new retail sleep solutions store located just outside of Denver, Colorado in the Park Meadows Mall joins eHealth Radio and the Sleep & General Health Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Peter Fatianow discuss the following:

  • Why is sleep so important for us all to get right?
  • Tell us about how you came up with the idea to start Somnia?
  • What do you offer at the Somnia store?
  • Name a few ways someone can vastly improve their sleep sanctuary?
  • Let's talk about sleep apnea. You've mention that sleep apnea goes undiagnosed for so many people, why is that and what is the solution for these folks suffering from this sleep disorder?

Duration: 18:01

Peter Fatianow is the President and CEO for Somnia, a new retail sleep solutions store located in Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado. Fatianow founded Somnia along with his partners, Mats Wahlström, and Kerry Hicks, all of KMG Capital Partners, LLC, to achieve their shared vision of helping the 40 million of Americans suffering from chronic sleep disorders overcome their issues and significantly improve their overall mental and physical health.

With more than 20 years of healthcare industry experience, Fatianow is keenly qualified to develop a sleep and wellness concept store. He was part of the founding management team at HealthGrades®, Inc.®, where he was pivotal in developing products and data sets that ultimately helped the company grow until it was ultimately sold to Vestar Capital Partners for $295 million in 2010. Previously, Fatianow was a founder of Specialty Care Network, Inc. (SCN), a physician practice management company that went public in 1997. Prior to SCN, Fatianow was a healthcare investment banker with Credit Suisse in New York and Morgan Keegan in Memphis, Tennessee.

After taking a sabbatical from his work in the healthcare industry, Fatianow and his wife opened two successful restaurants in the Denver area (which his wife manages today). He also wrote a book for beginning wine enthusiasts, Wine 101: A Fun and Informative Introduction to the Wonderful World of Wine.

Finding that he couldn't stay away from the healthcare industry for long, Fatianow eventually returned as the Vice President of Development at Health Ventures, until January 2013 when he left to research the sleep market and eventually went on to develop the first comprehensive sleep and wellness concept store, Somnia. He also serves on the Board of Assistive Coding, LLC, a specialty medical coding and consulting company based in Littleton, Colorado.

Fatianow currently resides in Denver with his family and enjoys spending time with friends and family, enjoying good food and wine, traveling the world, and taking care of his 125-gallon reef aquarium.

Twitter: @somnia_store

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