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Serenity Valley Wellness Retreat, specializing in Women’s Holistic Healthcare

October 5, 2013

Gina Faubert, Owner of Serenity Valley Wellness Retreat joins eHealth Radio and the Fitness and Weight Management Channels. They specialize in Women’s Holistic Healthcare, Weight Management, Detoxification, Fitness Programs and Unique Wellness Experiences.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Gina Faubert discuss the following:

  • I understand that you had a vision of building Health Retreat when you where just 15 years old. Can you tell us about Serenity Valley and how it came to be a health retreat?
  • In your upcoming book you talk about the missing piece in everyones workout goals that will make or break the outcome. Can you share this secret with us?
  • What about your diet and fitness recommendations. There is so much information out there. Can you give our listeners some advice on how to get started and what strategies you use to get results with your clients? 
  • I see on your website that you use coaching techniques to overcome self sabotage, and giving up. Can you share a few strategies to stay motivated?  
  • Can you give our listeners advice on what to look for when considering hiring a coach or fitness professional?
  • Share with us where we can get more information or get involved in one of your programs?

Duration: 16:53

Gina's extensive expertise in fitness & lifestyle coaching started over 15 years ago when she became determined to discover how to really inspire change for great health. After completing Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Management at George Brown, her quest has lead to becoming a certified Personal Trainer, Pilates Teacher, Yoga Teacher, and Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner, BioSignature Practitioner, and certifications in Thai Massage, Reiki and Reflexology.

Through her years of training and speaking to Olympic athletes, Fortune 500 companies, and small business owners, she’s created a system for results driven programs, life changing events and inspiring workshops.

Gina has a reputation of being a catalyst that inspires people to undergo significant shifts in there life and finally achieve their health goals. Her recommendations are backed by the latest research and proven strategies for change. She is constantly on the forefront of industry knowledge and goes to great lengths to study with the best health and fitness professionals in the world such as Tony Robbins, Charles Poliquin, Seane Corn, Dr. Natasha Turner, and Louise Hay to name a few.

She speaks regularly on the link between the mental/emotional connection to fitness, no nonsense nutrition, and developing the rituals to create exceptional health.

Gina holds memberships with ACMS, IFPM, ICF, BioSig, and sits on the advisory board for George Brown College's Fitness, Nutrition & Lifestyle Management program.

Gina is also founder of Serenity Valley Studio in Burlington, Ontario, a countryside wellness retreat integrating health and wellness services in a spa-like setting. Since opening Serenity Valley 10 years ago, Gina has dedicated her life to improving the well-being of every person who visits Serenity Valley.

They specialize in Women’s Holistic Healthcare,  Weight Management, Detoxification, and Fitness Programs. Services include Osteopathy, Nutrition, Personal Training, Coaching, Classes and Massage.  We hold special retreats involving cooking classes, outdoor adventures, Wellness Workshops, and spa services.


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