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Put Yourself First: Creating a Life-Work Balance for Health and Wellbeing

October 2, 2017




Karina Godwin of Flying Souls Institute of Healing in Australia who is here today to talk to us about her new book "Destiny Put Yourself First" and it’s companion CD of guided meditations, both inspired by her journey through cancer joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Information & Health News Channels.

Listen to host Eric Michaels & guest Karina Godwin discuss the following:

  • I understand you’ve had quite a journey with a serious cancer diagnosis yourself. Tell us what happened.
  • What made you write such a personal and private account of your journey? What is is your Why?
  • You say in the book that the choices you made contributed to the cancer’s ability to create a tumour in your body. What do you mean by that?
  • What made you look at both western and alternative medicine for your treatment and are you recommending it to everyone?
  • You’re the picture of health now, what is the secret to your recovery?


Karina Godwin was born intuitive, with a window into the world that most of us never get to see through. Her healing gifts developed early, culminating in the development of the Meliae Intuitive Healing modality. Her passion for teaching personal growth and meditation led to her founding her Healing Centre of excellence, Flying Souls Pty Ltd (2003) in Melbourne, Australia. She is revered by many as one of the most gifted healers of our times and has an international clientele from all walks of life. Karina has mastered significant life change due to trauma and most recently after facing a highly aggressive and rare cancer. This created a drive to create inspirational books, card sets and guided meditation CD’s to supply the tools for a life filled with happiness, success and wellbeing. She draws upon her years of experience in making change practical and easier to adapt to the daily demands of life. She is an advocate for shining your brilliance, kind communication and empowered and positive living. She has created over 30 workshops and retreats in personal growth and development and is a passionate speaker who engages audiences with her humour, integrity and humility. She is married to her soulmate Berni, and together they have five children.






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