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Promising Treatment that Reverses Type 2 Diabetes

May 24, 2018




Brittanie Volk is a registered dietitian, scientist, and a senior clinical specialist at San Francisco-based Virta Health that offers a promising treatment that reverses Type 2 diabetes joins eHealth Radio and the Diabetes and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Brittanie Volk discuss the following:

  1. Let's discuss the problem of Type 2 Diabetes in America. How bad is it?
  2. What are these efforts, former and current, to combat Type 2 Diabetes? And why are these not completely addressing this deadly disease?
  3. Tell us about Virta Health and how does Virta’s approach differ from what’s been traditionally done?
  4. Walk me through what someone goes through once they start the Virta Treatment
  5. Who can sign up for the Virta Treatment?
  6. What’s next for Virta Health?


About Brittanie Volk, PhD, RD

Brittanie is a registered dietitian, scientist, and a senior clinical specialist at Virta Health. For the last decade, she has focused her research and training on understanding the link between diet and metabolic health. A graduate of the University of Connecticut, under the mentorship of expert researcher Dr. Jeff Volek, she studied ketogenic diets and their implications in both sport and disease. Brittanie has seen firsthand the powerful impact of making science-based diet recommendations to reverse type 2 diabetes.

Brittanie joined Virta so that she could help people achieve better health by translating the science into real-world applications.

About Virta Health

Virta Health delivers the first clinically-proven treatment to safely and sustainably reverse Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic metabolic diseases without the use of medications or surgery. At one year, 60% of patients in our clinical trial achieved diabetes reversal, 94% of insulin users reduced or eliminated usage altogether and 83% of patients remained active in the trial. Results extended beyond diabetes reversal, with sustained improvements in blood pressure, inflammation, cardiovascular markers, insulin resistance and weight loss. For enterprises, Virta saves nearly $10,000 per patient in medical expenses over the first 24 months while tying treatment fees to successful outcomes. The Virta Treatment, delivered through a technology-enabled online clinic, will help millions of people get their lives back while making Type 2 Diabetes a thing of the past.





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