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Professional Nutrition Consulting with Helen Agresti

December 28, 2013

Helen Agresti, a Registered Dietitian in Private Practice and the Founder and Owner of Professional Nutrition Consulting joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition Channel. The services include Personal Nutrition Coaching (PNC), Cooking Demonstrations, Lunch & Learn, and Grocery Store Tours. PNC can be done in person, over the phone or consultations can happen via email, FaceTime and Skype.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Helen Agresti discuss the following:

  • What topics in Nutrition do you specialize mostly in as a Dietitian in Private Practice?
  • Who are your typical clients? (Male? Female?) What are the ages of your clients?
  • What are the most common questions you receive from clients. 
  • What are the biggest obstacles your clients encounter while trying to reach their nutrition goals?
  • What do you do to live a healthier lifestyle outside of work?

Duration: 8:35

Helen Agresti is mother of 5, Registered Dietitian and founder of Professional Nutrition Consulting, LLC. She has helped clients lose anywhere from 10 – 100+ pounds and has dramatically improved the quality of their lives.  Helen is also a Nutrition Consultant for Penn State University and conducts monthly Food Demonstrations at Frankie and May Fresh Grocer. 

Her passion for healthy living extends beyond nutrition. She grew up swimming competitively and has combined that with running and biking to recently complete her first duathlon and triathlon. In 2013, Helen was certified to teach mat and reformer Pilates and currently teaches several classes each week at the LECOM Medical Fitness and Wellness Center.

Helen is a contributing writer for many online magazines including:,, and the NutritionBlogNetwork where she covers current trends on health and fitness. You can also read her blog for helpful tips, and recipes.


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