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Pill Terminator, a child safe in-home pill & medication removal

November 26, 2014

Mosche Doman, President and Founder of Combined Distributors, Inc., the U.S.A. distributors of Pill Terminator joins eHealth Radio and the General Health and Health News Channels. Pill Terminator is the answer to expired or unused medications.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Mosche Doman discuss the following:

  • What is Pill Terminator?
  • What inspired you to distribute Pill Terminator in the United States?
  • Why use Pill Terminator versus disposing in the garbage or bringing back to your pharmacist?
  • How exactly does Pill Terminator work?  How many pills can it hold?
  • Where can you buy Pill Terminator?  What is the cost?

Summary: Pill Terminator is the answer to expired or unused medications, not only can it save our environment from the chemicals released from the medication it can also protect our children and pets from being poisoned from leftover meds.

Duration: 9:57

Graduate of UCLA with major in economics. Lived and worked for over 20 years in Southern Africa as local sales liaison for international companies needing a sales presence in Sub Saharan Africa. In 1997, moved operations back to America. Successfully brought to market a nonpoisonous fly trap, Flies be Gone (18 Billion Flies Can’t be Wrong). This proved to be of significant value and demand in the Iraq war. Flies be Gone was designated with a  prestigious National Stock Number and received a Department of Defense contract.

Several years ago, Doman realized the difficulty of prescription pill disposal in the United States. With the death of a loved one in his family, he tried to do the “correct thing “ and return the unused medications to the local drug store, but was met with a firm drug store refusal. Shortly thereafter, at a trade show in Orlando, he met an international chemist, David Best of England who developed and had successfully marketed a medication disposal kit  Britain for years. Realizing the growing danger of prescription medications winding up in dangerous situations, Doman and his wife Brenda launched Pill Terminator in the United States. Mosche and Brenda proudly call themselves the finest Mom And Pop company in America.

Twitter: @PillTerminator

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