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One of the few clinics in Chicago conducting COVID-19 screenings and the COVID antibody testing

June 30, 2020




Dr. Rinku Shah of the Clear Wellness Group, one of the few clinics in Chicago conducting COVID-19 screenings and the COVID antibody testing joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Mental Health Channels to talk about Mental Health Treatment and working during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Rinku Shah discuss the following:

  1. You recently opened Clear Wellness Group with your husband. Tell me about your experience opening your clinic weeks before a global pandemic.
  2. You offer many treatments, one being Ketamine treatment. Can you tell more about this method and how it works.
  3. You were conducting COVID-19 screenings and now you are offering the COVID antibody testing. How does it feel to be one of the few clinics in Chicago offering this test and playing a large role in your city’s wellness?
  4. Are you still seeing your routine mental health patients via tele-health screenings?
  5. You are taking in new ADHD patients right now when many doctors and clinics are not seeing new patients, what made you open your doors to those in need?




Dr. Rinku Shah and Dr. Manan Trivedi formed Clear Wellness Group with the intention of providing the community with great medicine. Medicine that focuses on disease prevention, as well as providing patients with a multidisciplinary support system.

Dr. Shah specializes in ADHD management, generalized anxiety disorder and chronic depression. She truly enjoys engaging with her patients and forming lasting relationships, a rarity in today’s impersonal medical world.

Dr. Trivedi also shares these values and utilizes his double board certifications to provide novel therapies including IV Ketamine, bringing relief to those suffering with mental health issues as well as those with chronic pain.




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