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Obedo Neck and Back Cradle, the latest compact and comfortable travel pillow

September 27, 2014

Gordon Hsu, CTO and CFO of Obedo Enterprises and their new product the Obedo Neck and Back Cradle, the latest compact and comfortable travel pillow joins eHealth Radio Health and Travel Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Gordon Hsu discuss the following:

  • Why was the OBedo Neck & Back Cradle developed?
  • How is the Obedo Neck & Back Cradle different from any other travel pillow?
  • Where can you use this?
  • What are customers saying about it?
  • Any other final points here in conclusion?

Duration: 5:05

Gordon Hsu spent his first career in the information technology field as a software developer and in his second career as a CPA. In his last position, he was Corporate Controller for a New York listed public company with a global reach in container vessel construction and management with a billion in assets. Throughout his two careers, Gordon has been involved in many challenging projects and have been able to think creatively to solve various problems. In his personal life, his priority is to maintain a healthy and happy home life with his wife and two kids.

Significant air travel throughout his life, long camping drives and a particular photo created the inspiration for the Obedo Neck & Back Cradle and with that idea he approached his respected partner with the idea and it was well received. Thus his third career as a product developer began with the seal of approval…from the wife.

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