ehealth radio network, an online network and communications portal for the nursing profession

December 14, 2013

Tim Armes, CEO and founder of, an online network and communications portal for the nursing profession joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Technology Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Tim Armes discuss the following:

  • Tell us about Nurses Lounge – how did it get started?
  • What makes this site different than LinkedIn?
  • Who can post and access NursesLounge?
  • What are some of the schools using nurses lounge and how do they use it?
  • Why is this the best answer for nursing schools and associations that already have websites?
  • Tell us about job opportunities on nurses lounge – I know a lot of nurses are looking for work.
  • What a tip you can give nurses who might be interested in using the site – how easy is it to use?

Duration: 16:37

At the beginning of 2003 in Dallas, Timothy Armes, the founder and CEO of leading job board, took over the nursing internet portal and nursing job board  In 2009, was re-launched as the first Professional Network for Nurses and designed to provide organizations such as schools, associations and employers a more efficient way to communicate important information to nursing professionals such as news, meetings and CEs on a timely basis.

The mission of Nurses Lounge is to aggregate the nursing profession in a modern online communications network thereby dramatically improving the ability for nurses to stay professionally informed and connected to the organizations and colleagues that matter to their careers.

To accomplish this mission, Nurses Lounge designed and developed a modern, simple to use professional networking platform created to facilitate career development, education, nursing staff management and professional best practices.

Nursing schools, associations, hospitals/clinics and related industry organizations can create a branded interactive "Lounge" as an adjunct to their core websites.  This allows the instant distribution of information to their students/employees/members with a few clicks. They can also post ads ranging from banners to job listings.

Individual members (nurses and nursing students) create a professional profile page, receive, share and interact with nursing-related news and connect with colleagues and organizations important to their careers.

The Network evolved from Nurses Lounge Magazine, a localized direct mail publication which was published from 2003 - 2011.

Today there are more than three million nurses in the U.S. and Canada, and thousands of hospitals/medical clinics, nursing schools and nursing associations that can benefit as members of the Nurses Lounge. As of November 2013, has relationships with more than 150 nursing schools, associations and employers, and more than 12,000 individual members.


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