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Natural Treatment of Depression

April 28, 2016

Dr. Nikki Martinez, Psychologist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor joins eHealth Radio and the Health News, Mental HealthTeleMedicine Channels discussing natural treatments of depression.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dr. Nikki Martinez discuss the following:

  • What made you want to investigate natural remedies for depression?
  • Who would these tools and techniques best serve?
  • What are some of the tools and tips you could give the listener to naturally help with depression?
  • How can therapy help with naturally treating depression? What might you work on?
  • Is this subject a part of the chronic health book you wrote available on amazon? Why did you feel it was important to include this?

Duration: 8:30

Dr. Nicole Martinez received her Masters and her Doctorate from Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and completed her predoctoral and post-doctoral fellowship at Gateway Foundation in Lake Villa, Illinois. She is a Professional Psychologist, an Adjunct Professor for 2 graduate programs, a Blogger for the Huffington Post, everyday Power Blog, several other publications, and is a Contributor to the Chicago Tribune. She works as a consultant on medical cases, as well as tund trainings for others. She has recently published 4 books.

Twitter: @DrNikkiMartinez

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