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My Trip to a Healthy, Active 96: 22 Tips to Change Your Life

April 2, 2020




Author, Dancer, Musician & Senior Influencer, Phyllis Sues joins eHealth Radio and the Fitness and Health News Channels. Phyllis is an inspiration to many and she is here to discuss her new book, "My Trip to a Healthy, Active 96: 22 Tips To Change Your Life.”


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Phyllis Sues discuss the following:

  1. What inspired you to write, "My Trip to a Healthy, Active 96: 22 Tips To Change Your Life.”
  2. You feature some of your original exercises in your book, as well as Yoga. Can you tell our listeners about the exercises?
  3. Is there a secret to living a long life? What advice can you give our listeners on how to live a healthy lifestyle?
  4. You’ve had a wonderful inspirational life; from being a dancer on Broadway, to becoming a fashion designer at 50, learning the Tango and becoming a musician in your 70’s, walking into your 1st yoga class and jumping on a trapeze in your 80’s, becoming a writer, a model and skydiving in your 90’s. What would you say is your motivation for trying something new, taking a challenge, no matter what age?

Phyllis Sues just published her new book, "My Trip to a Healthy, Active 96: 22 Tips to Change Your Life.” In the book, Phyllis shares how she maintains a healthy, active lifestyle at 96, her physical fitness routines and stories of her life. Phyllis wrote this book to inspire readers to build a better life. A life that’s there for all of us! Phyllis shares her tips on how to build strength, stamina, longevity and joy. And how important it is to have the desire to want to do it, take action and face each challenge with no fear!

Phyllis danced in five hit Broadway shows, appeared on TV with her late husband Alan Sues, became a successful fashion designer at 50, produced and composed two CD’s in her 70’s, flew on a trapeze in her 80’s, and skydived twice and became an Official Blogger for Huffington Post in her 90’s. To celebrate her 92nd Birthday, Phyllis went viral dancing a Tango to Adele. Phyllis still dances Tango, practices yoga and jump ropes daily. Phyllis is an inspiration to many, inspiring her followers and fans to keep moving, love life and challenge yourself daily, with the message that, "age is just a number!” Phyllis was never one to retire and she always had a dream of writing her own book, and she did it at 96!

“My Trip To A Healthy, Active 96: 22 Tips To Change Your Life" is available on Amazon and Kindle.





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