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Meet the on-demand, mental wellness platform designed to hack happiness

July 6, 2017




Aaron Robin, CEO at iExhale, an online, on-demand, wellness and mental health platform joins eHealth Radio and the Health News & Mental Health Channels.

Listen to host Eric Dye & guest Aaron Robin discuss the following:

  • For our listeners that have never heard of iExhale, what is it and what is it all about?
  • Who are your users?
  • How do people access your service, where is it available? And how much is the service?
  • What got you interested in starting this health platform?
  • Why do you think iExhale is so important? How has it been helping users?

Feel Better, Be Better. Whether you need a helping hand or have a hand to lend, iExhale can be a lifeline of hope and understanding. Get iExhale on iOS.


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