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Measures that women can take to best manage weight during menopause with Dr. Shari Brasner

September 21, 2013

Dr. Shari Brasner, an obstetrician/gynecologist and member of the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai joins eHealth Radio and the Weight Management & Female Health Channels to discuss managing weight when women are in menopause.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guests Dr. Shari Brasner discuss the following:

  • Why is it more difficult for women to manage weight during menopause?
  • What measures can women take to best manage weight during menopause?
  • What are some of the symptoms that affect weight management during menopause?
  • In addition to diet and exercise, what are some other recommendations you have for women looking to manage their weight?
  • Which supplements do you prescribe to your patients for menopause symptom relief?

Duration: 9:10

Dr. Shari Brasner is an obstetrician/gynecologist and member of the faculty of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai. For the past 18 years, she has been in private practice in New York City since completing her residency training at Mt. Sinai in 1995. Dr. Brasner attended NYU’s School of Medicine, earning membership in the Alpha Omega Alpha medical honor society.

Dr. Brasner was born and raised on Long Island, NY and now lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband Jeffrey and their 17-year old twins. Besides women’s health, she enjoys most topics associated with motherhood, child rearing and the transition to menopause, as well as travel and knitting.


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