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Marcus Bondi’s training & nutrition secrets to break a Guinness World Fitness Record!

January 2, 2015

Marcus Bondi, Official Guinness World Record Holder in 3 body weight strength and fitness events joins eHealth Radio and the Fitness and Nutrition Channels. Bondi has placed first in Pull Ups at the Street Workout World Cups in Moscow & Norway.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Marcus Bondi discuss the following:

  • When did you become interested in nutrition, health, fitness and wellbeing?
  • How do you prepare, physically, nutritionally and mentally to break a World Record?
  • What are the most important exercises; why is bodyweight exercise the best?
  • What mistakes/misconceptions are common about nutrition?

Duration: 20:49

In the past year Marcus has smashed 2 World Records and has appeared as a fitness/nutrition expert & Guinness World Record Holder on TV morning shows in Sydney, L.A. & Hawaii, as well as breaking World Records on Sunrise 7 (Aust) and Nine News.

Marcus Bondi's fitness & lifestyle website and YouTube channel have had over 13 million hits (12k subscribers) & he has just returned from the World Street Workout Champs in Moscow & World Cup in Norway; where he placed 1st & 17th in the Chin Up & Freestyle comps respectively.

He holds 4 current Official Guinness World Records for:

  • 5m Rope Climb
  • 20m Rope Climb 
  • 18kg Weighted Chin-ups 
  • Front Lever Pull Ups

Note: All records were held by Olympic gymnasts before they were smashed by Marcus.

Marcus features in regular articles in Men's Health (USA & Russia & Aust) & Men's Fitness & Daily Telegraph on his training/lifestyle/nutritional philosophies and programs.

He also writes regular fitness/nutrition articles featuring his proven and effective nutrition strategies and recipes - for Ultra Fitness Magazine, Body & Soul and is am a 'Dry July'/'No alcohol for a month' ambassador.

Marcus has been training and advising The Biggest Loser (Aust) trainer Shannan Ponton; specifically to strengthen his shoulder & rehab and optimise his progression in extreme body weight training to the highest level. Marcus also trains Australian Rugby Captain George Gregan and ABC TV legend Adam Spencer.

Prior to becoming a global fitness icon, Marcus was in the ad industry for 15 years and the Consumer Marketing Director of Edelman Worldwide PR; he regularly presented at media & marketing seminars in Sydney, New York, Singapore and Hong Kong. Marcus' appreciative clients included Coca-Cola, Wrigley's, Microsoft, Unilever, Vivendi, Samsung, Wal-Mart & Woolworths.

For more comprehensive info/images & content visit

Instagram: marcusbondibeach (7k+ followers).

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