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Live or Die, A Stroke of Good Luck with Richard Burns

November 14, 2014

Richard L. Burns, Author & Spokesperson for Stroke Awareness & Recovery in regards to his new book, "Live or Die--A Stroke of Good Luck", which is based on his own story of being struck down with a cerebral hemorrhage and declared dead at 38 years old joins eHealth Radio and General Health & News Channels.

Miraculously, Richard regained consciousness and he got a 2nd chance at life! His new book is the story of his resurrection. A story of hope and practical advise for victims of stroke or any serious illness.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Richard L. Burns discuss the following:

  • "Live or Die: A Stroke of Good Luck" was inspired by you suffering a cerebral hemorrhage 40 years ago. Can you tell our listeners your story?
  • You were given a 2nd chance at life at 38 years old. How did that change you and your values?
  • How does "Live or Die: A Stroke of Good Luck" stand out from other books about strokes?
  • What advice do you give others recovering from a serious illness?
  • The book is a must-read for all stroke survivors. It helps you understand stroke and recovery, and inspires its readers. That must be very rewarding?

Duration: 11:45

Richard L. Burns is a retired television and advertising executive (a real-life "Mad Man"), who put the smile on the PSA Airplanes and helped engineer a cultural icon- the Fruit of the Loom models. He is an authority on retail, accountable and measurable advertising, and developed the first viable system of local television advertising and sales for national advertisers. Burns was a management consultant, promulgated fund-raising for non-profits and conceived and produced a successful international educational children's TV series called "With It."

At 38, Richard was struck down with a cerebral hemorrhage and declared dead at 38 years old. Richard miraculously regained consciousness and was given a second chance at life. He became a spokesperson for stroke awareness and recovery and wrote and published his memoir, "Live Or Die: A Stroke of Good Luck", which he calls "a handbook of hope." The book is a wise and witty story of his long and slow recovery and resurrection in his own words. It chronicles life after stroke and offers readers advice on how to come out victorious, after suffering a major illness. It is also about what he learned from the ordeal and how his life and values changed with each step he took to heal himself.

Richard is responsible for the rescue of animals in national disasters. He is the recipient of numerous professional and service awards, and is a graduate of Stanford University.


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