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Leader in Xylitol-Based Products Supports COVID-19 Research

August 25, 2020




Nathan Jones, the CEO of Xlear, global leader in creating natural, convenient, xylitol-based sinus and oral care products that support a healthy lifestyle joins eHealth Radio and the Allergy Information and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Nathan Jones discuss the following:

  1. We heard that your company, Xlear, has been conducting research with The Institute for Antiviral Research at Utah State University about COVID-19. Can you tell us more about the research?
  2. You have started with this research at the beginning of the pandemic. What progress have you made since then?
  3. Although you are an entrepreneur, you come from a medical family and your father is a medical doctor. We learned that he has recently published a book about COVID-19. It’s main premise is that we should wash our noses. Can you elaborate on that?
  4. What trends have you seen in how people approach their health during pandemic?
  5. What do you hope to see happen as we move into Fall?

Nathan was born in Kansas City and he spent his formative years in Idaho, in a small town where his father was the town doctor. Later, in a pursuit to provide needed support for the entire family of 14 kids, Nathan’s parents have made the decision to move to Michigan, Mexico City, where he spent most of his childhood. When he was 16 years old, the family made another move, this time to Utah which is also where Nathan graduated from high school. He attended college for a year, spent a year in active duty, and also went on a two year mission with his church. He moved back home in 1994 and started attending Utah Valley University. Later, he made a transition to Seattle where he attended school to become a commercial diver - he used skills form this education when he worked as a diver in oilfields in Louisiana between 1995 and 2000. Another transition occurred when he moved back to Utah and founded Xlear in 2000 where he has been ever since.

About the BOOK: In Asthma and Allergy Solution that Works for COVID-19: The Powerful Natural Prescription for Respiratory Health During the Coronavirus Pandemic, Dr. Lon Jones, D.O., a Texas-based family medicine physician who pioneered the nasal uses of the healthy sugar xylitol, explains that simple methods of self-protection that go beyond face masks, including washing your nose as regularly as you do your hands, could result in significantly reduced risk of infection. Based on the latest studies and his own clinical experience, Dr. Jones teaches us how supporting our nasal defenses can eliminate coronavirus when its viral load is lightest and the virus is still located in the upper respiratory tissues before it has spread to the lungs.





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