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Knee Osteoarthritis Treatment with The BioniCare Knee System

April 12, 2013


Jim Allan Jr., a retiree who resides in Iowa, joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care Channel to talk about how The BioniCare Knee System has freed Jim to return to all his normal activities pain free, including bicycling.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Jim Allan Jr. discuss the following:

  • Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? What you do, where you are from?
  • Tell us a little bit more about your experience with osteoarthritis of the knee. Some folks might not know that this affects more than 25 million Americans. When did you first start experiencing knee pain? Did you think it was normal wear and tear, or did you think it was maybe something more serious?
  • Once diagnosed, how did it affect your lifestyle? Were you pretty active prior to being diagnosed? What was your activity level like after?
  • How did you initially choose to treat the pain associated with osteoarthritis? Did you try any over the counter medicines? Visit the doctor? Something else?
  • Were you ever presented with the option to undergo total knee replacement surgery? I know that is a common treatment option for patients that quality? If so, why did you not choose to go with it? The downtime? Recovery time? Other side effects?
  • With the other treatment options, did you experience any side effects? If so, what were they? Did they impact your daily life?
  • How did you hear about this treatment option?
  • What exactly is BioniCare from VQ OrthoCare? Can you explain to the listeners at home how it works, what it is like, from a patient’s perspective?
  • Once using the system, did you feel relief right away? If not right away, how long into your treatment plan? Hours? Days? Weeks?
  • How would you describe your pain level now? What is your mobility level? Have you been able to incorporate activities back into your lifestyle?
  • So it seems that this treatment option has worked for you, would you recommend it to others? What would be some key takeaways based off of your experience with BioniCare?


After my retirement, my wife and I moved across the country to be closer to our daughter and son-in-law.  While getting acquainted and settling in, we got into a routine that included helping around the house.  One day, I noticed that their large yard needed to be mowed.  Since they had just recently moved into their new home, their plans to upgrade to a riding lawn mower were still on hold, so I grabbed the 21” rotary lawn mower.  After cutting for three hours, I had only completed about half of the two acres of hilly up and down terrain, but had to stop because of the considerable pain I was experiencing in my knees.  The next day, I was determined to finish cutting the rest of the lawn.  After about two hours, I realized I was in serious trouble.  The pain had become unbearable.

I went to see my doctor and he told me that the mowing had severely aggravated my knees, especially my left knee.  He gave me a prescription for Meloxicam and a Cortisone shot, which only helped with the pain for three or four days.  Throughout the next few months, my right knee improved, but my left knee continued to deteriorate.  As a bicycling hobbyist, I could no longer ride my bike and even worse, I found daily tasks to be increasingly more painful and challenging.  From getting in and out of chairs to up and down the stairs to in and out of the car, my activity level became significantly more limited and I was forced to re-think my everyday schedule.

Searching out other treatment options, I visited a chiropractor and a sports therapist. However, nothing provided relief.  Finally at a follow up visit to my doctor, I learned about BioniCare.  Deciding that I wanted my life back, I scheduled an appointment for a fitting.  I noticed a dramatic difference the very first day, after only a few hours.  The second day, I had to attend a meeting at a second floor auditorium.  As I entered the building, I had two options, either the stairs or the elevator.  I chose the stairs, and became more and more excited as I took each step.  I made it up the stairs with no pain and without having to use the handrail for support.  During the morning, noon, and afternoon break periods, I had reason to go up and down the stairs several more times and the experience was wonderfully the same – no pain!

Since I started with the BioniCare Knee System, not only am I pain free, but my knees are stronger.  BioniCare has freed me to return to all of my normal activities pain free, including bicycling.  Thanks BioniCare!



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