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Is building core strength the answer to our health and weight loss?

March 12, 2016

Vanessa Bartlett, a Pilates and Fitness presenter, author and coach with 14 years experience and is the founder of Pilates Health Elite, an online and face to face holistic, Pilates-based body training systems joins eHealth Radio and the Health & Fitness Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Vanessa Bartlett discuss the following:

  • With an abundance of information available to us today through media, social media and other forms of technology, why are so many people still not achieving physical and mental health?
  • How can people know if they are choosing the right type of exercise for their body and lifestyle? Isn't it simply about getting out and moving?
  • Why does training your 'core' have so much to do with health and fitness today?
  • How is Pilates different from other forms of exercise?
  • How can people get more balance  in their fitness regime and achieve their goals?

Duration: 13:39

Vanessa Bartlett is the founder of Pilates Health Elite, a community empowering people to lead strong, healthy lives.

She has coached the Canterbury Bulldogs first grade NRL team in Pilates, and is part of an innovative wellness program to help people with mental health illness use Pilates and fitness to improve their condition. Vanessa and the team from Canterbury Mental Health received an award for ‘Innovation in Healthcare’ in 2013 for this project and it is continuing today with success.

Vanessa is also a qualified journalist and has co-­hosted and produced a life-style program for Foxtel community TV, has been featured on various TV commercials, online videos, The Morning Show and in the Daily Telegraph in the health and wellness space. She has also written articles for health publications like 'Women's Health' and 'The Great Health Guide.'

She has trained 1 on 1 clients for fat loss, fitness and sports-­specific goals, as well as corporate and large groups for fitness, fun, weight loss and stress relief,  running a successful mobile personal training business with 8 employees at age 23.

After her health took a turn suffering adrenal fatigue, she began to research holistic health practices and studied the mind/body connection and its’ power in healing and restoring balance to a person’s life. This is where she discovered the power of Pilates and knew this was something she had to pursue and help others with.

Vanessa has studied with leading Pilates practitioners in Australia and also ‘safe spine’ expert Rebecca Leone (USA) and continues to learn and develop her skills as a Pilates and well­being coach using a holistic approach to health to get clients results in core strength, flexibility, mind/body balance and of course weight management and fitness.


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