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Introducing SunVisor, your personal sun protection advisor

July 3, 2016

Lance Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder of mHealth Digital, a digital health company that has developed SunVisor, an innovative smartphone application for sun exposure risk management joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care and Technology Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Lance Cohen discuss the following:

  • Why is sun exposure becoming such a growing health concern and how does  SunVisor fit into the picture as a solution to this concern?
  • Can you describe the SunVisor app and how it actually works?
  • What inspired you to create the app?
  • What makes SunVisor unique compared to other app’s and UV trackers out there?  
  • What does the future look like for SunVisor and mHealth Digital?

Duration: 7:34

mHealth Digital is a digital health company with a mission of developing simple solutions to complex health problems. Their first product, SunVisor, is a smartphone application for iOS and Android designed to make sun exposure risk management effortless.

The company was founded by Lance Cohen, and Dr Suzanne Miller in Sydney, Australia. Lance, currently based in San Francisco, California, is a biomedical and software engineer with many years of experience in medical device product development across early stage startups and established multinational players. Dr Miller, is a Harvard and Standard trained medical physician, and social entrepreneur.  The companies formation and the SunVisor journey was inspired by the teams desire to use technology to prevent disease after witnessing members of family and friends experience skin cancer scares.

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