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Improve Indoor Air Quality with Air Scrubber Plus

May 11, 2015

Tom Lozano, Executive Director of Air Scrubber Plus, the indoor air quality system that cleans the air and surfaces of the home joins eHealth Radio and the General Health & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Tom Lozano discuss the following:

  • What are the dangers of poor indoor air quality and why should people be concerned about it?
  • What are some things homeowners can do to improve their home's indoor air quality?
  • How does Air Scrubber Plus work? 
  • What other health benefits do users of Air Scrubber Plus report? 
  • What is the connection between Air Scrubber Plus and NASA technology?

Duration: 11:47

Tom Lozano is executive director of Air Scrubber Plus®, a revolutionary indoor air quality system that launched nationally in the fall of 2013. Tom Lozano joined the Air Scrubber Plus® sales and marketing team in 2008 and has been actively involved in all relevant areas of the consumer indoor air quality marketplace since 1996.

The improvement of indoor air quality has been a personal mission of Tom Lozano's as a result of his own struggle with severe allergies. After installing the Air Scrubber Plus® system in his own home, Tom experienced life-changing relief from his debilitating allergy symptoms. The dramatic change prompted Tom Lozano to approach the manufacturers of Air Scrubber Plus®, and eventually he, and his business partner Allen Brasington, took over national and international sales and marketing to heating and cooling contractors and millions of consumers searching for cleaner air for their family.

During his tenure with Air Scrubber Plus®, Tom Lozano has helped Air Scrubber Plus realize double-digit growth. Tom Lozano's main goals are broad: to move the heating and cooling industry's technology forward through education and training. By bringing the breakthrough technology of Air Scrubber Plus® to the consumer/homeowner market, Tom Lozano aims for every home to enjoy the benefits of clean air without harsh chemicals or ineffective filter systems.

Tom Lozano earned a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy and religion from San Francisco State University in 1976. In 1996, he earned a theological degree from Bethel Theological Seminary in San Diego.


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