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How safe are your health records and why should you care!

October 8, 2019




Anne Genge, the CEO of Alexio Corporation, a Certified Information Privacy and Security Professional that specializes in the security of patient health information joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Anne Genge discuss the following:

  1. Why should the average consumer be concerned about data breaches in healthcare?
  2. How many places could this healthcare information reside for a typical person?
  3. What is it about healthcare information that makes it a target for hackers?
  4. Anne, your company, Alexio, focuses on securing healthcare practices. What is one thing consumer’s should know about the security of their data at those offices?
  5. If healthcare practitioners don’t have the right level of security in their offices, where does that leave us, the patient?
  6. Anne, if that is the case, the reality being that the healthcare industry is simply not prepared for the challenges they face in data security, what can the consumer do?

We are all patients somewhere, and we all deserve to have our sensitive information safeguarded from public display. Health data is not like a credit card that can be changed. It’s the most intimate details about a person and it stays with you forever. We need to do better.


Anne Genge CEO, Co-founder, Alexio Corporation
Certified Information Privacy Professional
Certified HIPAA Security Professional


Anne is a pioneer in protecting health data and those who use it. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional with a specialization in healthcare practices. Anne also holds certifications for HIPAA, Credit Card Security, Internet, and Network Security.

With over 20 years of experience, Anne knows the challenges healthcare providers face with technology. She and her team at Alexio Corporation work with dental and medical professionals to minimize data risk and maximize patient care.

As healthcare grows increasingly dependent on the digital environment, cyber-security becomes increasingly more difficult. Protection of patient data is not only law, it’s imperative for business success and reputation.

Anne simplifies cyber-security for dentists and other healthcare providers and gives ‘real world’ strategies to protect patient information and the practice business. Her life’s mission is to arm everyone with the knowledge and tools necessary to protect everyone’s sensitive data and right to privacy.





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