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How kindness can be a competitive edge in medical care

March 8, 2021




Dr. Larry Benz, the Co-Founder of Confluent Health, a network of physical therapy and occupational healthcare companies, and author of the best-selling book Called to Care: A Medical Provider’s Guide for Humanizing Healthcare joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dr. Larry Benz discuss the following:

  1. The pandemic has shed light on some major challenges medical providers are facing. Outside of our current, tragic circumstances, what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve seen in the industry?
  2. In your book, you posit that kindness can be a competitive edge for healthcare providers. Can you explain what you mean?
  3. You cite a remarkable study that showed during 25% of visits, doctors don’t even ask patients what is bothering them. What is your best advice for patients who find themselves in an appointment like that?
  4. With the popularity of tele-health options increasing during COVID, what are some tips for how practitioners can emphasize care and connection with patients remotely?
  5. You’ve done a lot of work studying the impact of positive psychology in medical care. Can you talk us through the application of positive psychology, and how it can impact patient outcomes?

Dr. Larry Benz, PT, DPT, OCS, MBA, MAPP, is the co-founder of Confluent Health, a network of physical therapy and occupational healthcare companies dedicated to educating and developing highly effective clinicians, strengthening private practice, reducing healthcare costs, and preserving care in healthcare.

A frequent lecturer at Physical Therapy programs, national conferences, and MBA schools throughout the country, Dr. Benz trained at Baylor University and the University of Pennsylvania. He is a nationally recognized award recipient for his expertise in private-practice Physical Therapy and occupational medicine.

As the co-developer of Jacmel Rehabilitation, Dr. Benz and his colleagues at Confluent Health and other various organizations have built a sustainable physical rehabilitation clinic in Haiti. For more information, please visit and





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