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How can one change their belief system with MJ Domet

October 26, 2013

A best -selling, award-winning author of "Waves Of Blue Light: Heal The Heart And Free The Soul", M.J. Domet who teaches from the heart inspiring people to create an inner realationship with themselves enabling them to heal on all levels, physical, spiritual and emotional joins eHealth Radio and the Personal Development Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest M.J. Domet discuss the following:

  • A lot of the work you do has to do with the belief system, can you tell us something about that?
  • Once you determine that a person's belief system is undermining their physical, spiritual or emotional health, how can they change it?
  • Your book, Waves of Blue Light: Heal The Heart And Free The Soul is based on some of your experiences and how changing your beliefs changed your life. Tell us more about that?
  • Can everyone benefit from this process?
  • For those who are open to it, how effective is this alternative method of healing?

Tip: Trust your intuition as to what is right for you. Everyone is different with varying experiences and influences and not everyone responds the same to everything. You are your own best indicator of what works for you.

Duration: 12:09

“My teaching comes from the heart, my wisdom from within; expect to be empowered by embracing the teachings of your heart and accepting your own innate wisdom.” These words come from best-selling, multi award winning author, inspirational speaker and spiritual workshop facilitator, M.J. Domet.

As a Reiki Master Teacher in three disciplines as well as an inner communication specialist, this inspirational author of the year 2012, has helped hundreds of people transform their lives through shifting energy patterns emotionally, spiritually and physically. She teaches people to open up to their wisdom and take responsibility for the experiences in their lives.

Incorporating her Reiki training with many other modalities she has learned from Masters or through self study, M.J. has developed workshops designed to empower the individual. As her reputation has grown, she has expanded her popular workshops into transformational speaking and her first book, Waves Of Blue Light: Heal The Heart And Free The Soul. This bestselling first book which is a 2012 Living Now Book Of The Year Gold Medal recipient, and a winner of the 2013 Beverly Hills Book Awards, reflects M.J's honest and engaging personality and her acceptance of each person with whom she comes in contact.

As an inner relationship expert, M.J. teaches you how to build a joyful relationship with yourself, how to recognize and release subconscious blocks which stop you from committing wholly to your passion and purpose and how to L.O.V.E. Yourself Well.

Following her own formula, M.J. has transformed from feeling a victim of her circumstances to creating the life she once thought unreachable.Once you realize you define your experiences-they do not define you-nothing can stop you from success!

Please visit for more information or email to book M.J. for your next event.


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