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Healing Nutrition by Yves Calmette and the French Paradox

October 12, 2014

Yves Calmette, Founder of Healing Nutrition by Yves that provides nutrition coaching inspired by positive attitude to food and life of the French, one of the slimmest and healthiest countries on the planet joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Yves Calmette discuss the following:

  • What is the French Paradox exactly?
  • Tell us a bit more about you and your background?
  • Why do you think our modern society is now so sick and fat?
  • Your motto is: Real Food + Pleasure = Health. What is it exactly?
  • Pleasure and health. Really?

Duration: 20:39

When Yves graduated from Sydney’s Academy of Healing Nutrition as a nutrition coach, his lifelong passion for nutrition found expression on a professional level. Having already established a successful career in social marketing and health promotion, he decided to dedicate himself to making a positive difference is the lives of others by setting up his own nutritional coaching practice, Healing Nutrition by Yves, to run alongside a busy working life in one of Australia’s largest health not-for-profit organisations.

Yves’ approach is based on a number of factors. While he had always been intrigued by nutrition, he had become increasingly overwhelmed with conflicting information, finding it hard to discern science from hype. He finally came across the research of nutrition pioneer Dr Weston Price whose studies, based on the diets of many ancient societies before the era of processed foods, allowed him to determine the best diet for human health. He proved that eating nourishing, local fresh foods helped optimise good health, while avoiding processed, toxic foods resulted in a dramatic improvement to health and wellbeing.

Dr Weston Price’s work resonated with Yves’ philosophy of food as medicine. It also tied in with the teachings of the Academy of Healing Nutrition where he studied. The Academy’s curriculum, the Longevity Diet ®, leverages Dr Weston Price’s studies. It also draws upon the French Paradox, the French culinary culture that explains why the French are able to eat saturated fats and drink red wine yet still enjoy one of the lowest rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes and have one of the longest life expectancy rates among developed countries.

Yves’ practice Healing Nutrition by Yves therefore is based on time-tested food wisdom backed by modern research with a focus on the French Paradox. His nutrition coaching provides you with the support and motivation you need to stick to your plan so you’ll reap the benefits – weight loss being one of the most rewarding outcomes of positive, happy, healthy eating inspired by the French attitude to food and life!


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