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Glucose Health Assists Type 2 Diabetes Patients in New Product Category

June 30, 2015

Kelly Coughlin, the Corporate Spokeswoman and PR Advisor to Glucose Health, Inc. that helps keep your blood sugar balanced joins eHealth Radio and the Diabetes, Health News & Supplement Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Kelly Coughlin discuss the following:

  • What is Glucose Health and why is it an important component of combating Type 2 diabetes?
  • What are the active ingredients in the product?
  • Who developed the formula for Glucose Health?
  • Why is this product different from others on the market?
  • Type 2 diabetes is becoming an epidemic in the U.S.; can Glucose Health help lower the number of affected Americans?
  • Share with us if you would success stories of people using this product.
  • When will Glucose Health be available to consumers in mass market?
  • Where can consumers purchase the product now?

Duration: 9:55

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates two in five Americans will develop Type 2 diabetes in their lifetime. Addressing the key lifestyle factors that lead to Type 2 diabetes today, will keep you healthy in the future!  Make Glucose Health® a part of your commitment to healthy living.  Certain clinical studies indicate the 6 key natural ingredients in the Glucose Health® formula have important relationships to glucose, insulin, triglycerides and HDL ("good" cholesterol).

Kelly Coughlin is President of Annex Communication. For a decade and a half, Kelly Coughlin has worked as a publicist and strategist between the CPG/retail, healthcare, real estate, media, and sports & entertainment industries.

Her experience includes: building national advertising and public relations platforms, negotiation and creation of national media and sports/entertainment sponsorships, creation of Interactive platforms supported by SEO/SEM practices, and high-profile individual management. Ms. Coughlin has represented entertainers, athletes, physicians, Fortune 500 executives, national brands, sports organizations, festivals and tours, real estate companies and retailers.

Ms. Coughlin holds a B.A. in Communication from Boston College.


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