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Food, Not Meds with Carol D’Anca

October 13, 2012


Carol D’Anca, Director of “Food, Not Meds,” and a board eligible nutritionist, has spent over twenty years in healthcare and health related fields joins eHealth Radio and the Health and Nutrition Channel.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Carol D’Anca discuss the following:

  • How did you become so interested in heart disease?
  • What do you mean it can’t be stopped?
  • If nothing helped what did you do?
  • What has been the most significant thing you have learned about heart disease along the way?
  • How do you help others with this model?


Carol D’Anca, president of “Food, Not Meds,” and a board eligible nutritionist, has spent over twenty years in healthcare and health related fields. More than just another nutritionist, Carol utilizes a unique combination of family, community, travel, and plant based nutrition to create a one-of-a-kind program that links the health of a person’s emotional heart to the health of the physical heart.

Carol’s approach to nutrition means more than just cleaning out a person’s kitchen cabinets and replacing the high fat foods with no fat foods. She’s discovered that people learn more and are better able to implement dietary changes by traveling to Italy where they get the chance to “walk the talk.” Her small tour groups live what they’re learning, spending 1-2 weeks immersed in a culture of strong community, natural exercise and a nutritional program designed and based on proven research. Her clients return home understanding how all three elements (food, daily activity, community) work together to promote heart health.

Carol plans to leave her full time job as the Executive Vice President of an international medical device company at the end of 2012 to apply her full time efforts to her nutrition business.

She has been an upper level manager in the areas of sales and marketing, financial analysis, operational logistics and business development for health-related systems across the country for most of her career. After graduating with honors from the University of Wisconsin, Carol studied in the MBA program at Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and then earned her Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition from the Chicago Medical School/Rosalind Franklin University of Science and Medicine.


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