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Farm To Table, Literally: Farmbox Direct Delivers Organic Produce Straight to Your Doorstep

July 18, 2015

Ashley Tyrner, CEO of Farmbox Direct, a weekly food delivery services that is bringing new meaning to the phrase "farm to table" joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Ashley Tyrner discuss the following:

  • Tell us more about your background  as a busy New York single mom working in the fashion industry, and how that sparked the idea to design a concept like Farmbox.
  • Tell us more about how Farmbox Direct aims to address this public health crisis. 
  • Tell us more about what you believe families can do to keep their kids healthy- the conversations we should have with them about fresh food, how to make vegetables something they enjoy eating, and maybe even aspire, like your daughter, to switch toward a more plant based diet? 
  • Since stress and mental health is a huge health concern, especially for entrepreneurs, what would you say kept you grounded and undeterred on the path throughout that time that you were growing Farmbox, and what still helps you deal with stress and life's roadblocks today? 
  • What are some other food truths or eating "non-negotiables" you live by on a regular basic that you would recommend to our listeners?

Duration: 9:50

Launched in March 2014 in New York and since having expanded to all over the U.S., Farmbox Direct is a growing startup founded with a vision of how food SHOULD be: farm to table. The founder and CEO, Ashley Tyrner, realized when she became a busy single mom that she didn't always have time to make a weekly trip to her local farmer's market. Yet, as a farmer's daughter and having spent her childhood summers in the Midwest, she knew the all the amazing benefits of fresh and local foods, and how GMO and pesticide-sprayed food just paled in comparison.

Ashley also knew firsthand what its like to have little or no access to affordable, quality produce, having had to live off of food stamps while pregnant. And now with over 42 million Americans living in food desserts, many don't even have access to a farmer's market. That's where Farmbox Direct comes in.


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