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Facilitating strategic change and optimal growth with Laleh Hancock

May 14, 2019




Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock, the CEO of Belapemo, Founder and President of Global Wellness for All, and a certified facilitator for the personal development company Access Consciousness including specialty program Joy of Business joins eHealth Radio and the Personal Development Channel.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock discuss the following:

  1. Tell us about you life since adding the tools of Access consciousness to it?
  2. Currently what do you do, as it sounds like you are busy across multiple projects?
  3. What is the Joy of business and how has adding this to your business changed everything?
  4. What would be your favorite tool?
  5. Have you got any great fun stories from Joy of business?

Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock is a life and communication coach, management and professional services consultant and facilitator of Joy of Business, a special program by Access Consciousness.

Laleh has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals and families including Fortune 500 executives, government agencies, non-profit organizations, athletes and veterans.

A lifelong entrepreneur and passionate change-agent, Laleh strives to seek out possibility in every problem and aims to facilitate strategic change and optimal growth for all her clients. She is an advocate for people of ages with special needs or disabilities and their caregivers and served on the Governor of Maryland’s Caregivers Support Coordinating Council for four years.

Through her organization, Global Wellness for All Laleh inspires individuals – including individuals with perceived disabilities – to create wellness in all areas of their life and seek greater success.





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