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Essential Oils Have Super Powers with Kathy Heshelow

June 3, 2016

Kathy Heshelow, author of the new book “Essential Oils Have Super Powers: From Solving Everyday Wellness Problems to Taking on “Superbugs” again joins eHealth Radio and the Skin Care, Health & Beauty Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Kathy Heshelow discuss the following:

  • Your new book about essential oils has just appeared. Tell us about it. Why did you write it?
  • Why don’t you tell us exactly what essential oils are, and why they have super powers?
  • I haven’t heard too many doctors recommend essential oils? Why not?How do you use them, what do you do with them?
  • Do you have a favorite essential oil?
  • What about safety?  Are essential oils safe to use?
  • There is mention of Superbugs in your title. How do essential oils play into the issue of antibiotic-resistant Superbugs or MRSA?
  • Are there current medical studies or tests about this?
  • Why do essential oils work when antibiotics cannot?
  • Are there any live cases of killing bacteria in people with a MRSA infection?
  • There seems to be a lot to talk about but we are running out of time. People can read about all this in your book!  What are some of the other things you cover? Is this book for beginners or people who know something about essential oils?

Duration: 24:23

I was lucky enough to have lived in Paris, France for 16 years.  Paris is the best city in the world, at least in my opinion! So much beauty, history, real enjoyment of life, attention to detail, and never a dull moment.

You can find beauty and calm in a quiet corner of a park or along the Seine; feasts for the eyes and nose in any of the wonderful outdoor markets (my local one was the fabulous rue Cler); appreciation of detail and craft; an understanding of wellness and balance; lots of dogs (my dear Tasha, a cocker spaniel, was with me then); fabulous restaurants of every kind; style in those beautiful French women; the most amazing museums (big and small); and international flair in the city.

I graduated from The American University of Paris (AUP), and was honored to have working papers that allowed me to stay on all for many years. The time went by in a flash!

I worked at AUP and at Parsons School of Design, Paris campus as Assistant Director. So many talented students and professors from every country imaginable, so much cultural understanding and diversity; so much travel and discovery.

I always encourage Americans to spend some time outside the US if they can, even if only for a semester abroad or a summer of living and traveling.  Your attitude and point of view can shift and open up. Try to learn languages and engage with people. I actually back-packed around Europe for 3 months all those years ago on savings from high school jobs before starting college, to really see if I wanted to live and study in Europe. And I did!

Fast forward: When I decided to start up a skincare company, I knew I had to bring secrets I observed in Paris and Europe to Sublime Beauty, Sublime Naturals and ZEN BOX. I love the way French women age, more naturally yet with grand style – nothing overdone.

However, I bring the old-school US approach to customer service:  “Delight them with great customer service, and treat them as you want to be treated” – that is our customer service motto.

When I first returned from Europe in 1996, I actually launched into a commercial real estate career that became very robust and exciting (until 2008 when it seemed the whole world crashed), and I still take on a client or two per year though my specialty niche is still not yet robust even today.

Some ask how I got from commercial real estate to wellness and skincare – my 1031 NNN niche essentially went away after the crash of 2008. I waited for a few years after the crash, thinking the dip would turn, but it has been much slower than anticipated. When it was clear things were not recovering, I decided it was time to do something that I was clearly interested in personally – healthy skin and wellness and quality of life.  And most entrepreneurs realize, business is business. You apply the same principles and models to what you are doing, no matter the industry.

Because I have diverse companies and activities, it was suggested by a mentor to put together a website to pull the information together under one roof, and voila!

I am intrigued by the monthly subscription box phenomenon, and knew that bringing Essential Oils to my clients would be a hit. ZEN BOX launched in February 2016.  While I have used and studied Essential Oils for decades (including use in France), I decided to formalize it with a certification, now in progress. I am now writing a book about the joy and power of Essential Oils for wellness and balance now, and trademarked the phrase: Essential Oils Have Super Powers®.

My hubby and I live in Florida and enjoy the warmth year-round along with our pups.

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