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dorsaVi Helps Clients Understand How They Move Which Is Life-Changing

February 22, 2019




Andrew Ronchi, Founder and CEO of dorsaVi, a revolutionary wireless technology is designed to accurately and objectively measure and analyze the way we move joins eHealth Radio and the Technology and Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Andrew Ronchi discuss the following:

  1. Can you please tell us about dorsaVi and also about why the products and software you have created are so special?
  2. Where can people find dorsaVi in use what can they expect when their professional is using it with them and in their care plan? I understand your products are used for far more than just therapy.
  3. Wellness plays a critical role in how we function, move, and even do our jobs. Can you please talk a bit about why it is so important that we understand how our bodies move and what we may be doing unconsciously to have a negative impact on what we want to accomplish?
  4. There are many different kinds of professionals using dorsaVi. How did dorsaVi come about and what, from your background, has made this so compelling?
  5. Where do you see the future of coaching, therapy, wellness and the ability to understand how our bodies work? In the world of wearable technology devices there are so many options.
  6. What recommendations can you make for our listeners to help them understand what to look for when talking with a professional and engaging wearables in their care portfolio?

Andrew Ronchi, Chief Executive Officer and Director, dorsaVi. Before co-founding dorsaVi, Andrew was a practising physiotherapist both at an AFL club and in private practice. He is a founding partner in two physiotherapy centres, the largest of these employing 28 staff (including 13 physiotherapists).

Prior to the formation of dorsaVi, Andrew undertook a PhD in Computer and Systems Engineering, investigating the reliability and validity of transducers for measuring lumbar spine movement. As CEO of dorsaVi, Andrew is responsible for all aspects of the Company’s operations.





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