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Don’t Just “Let it Go” - What Can Happen if You Don’t Treat Your Hearing Loss

November 12, 2015

Susanne Jones, Hearing Instrument Specialist and Customer Support Specialist at, a website that provides information to consumers about hearing loss and hearing aids joins eHealth Radio and the Hearing & Mental Health Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Susanne Jones discuss the following:

  • Too many people who have trouble hearing don't do anything about it. How does untreated hearing loss impact people emotionally?
  • How does it affect mental acuity?
  • What are the implications for mental health?
  • Are there physical health consequences, too?
  • What does untreated hearing loss do to people's social lives?

Duration: 10:53

Susanne Jones is the Hearing Instrument Specialist and Customer Support Specialist for Healthy Hearing. She provides education and support to people with hearing loss and the professionals who serve them.

She holds a BA in Communication from Bradley University and has years of clinical experience testing hearing and programming hearing aids as a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. She also has hearing loss herself and is a long-time hearing aid wearer.

Susanne resides near Roscoe, IL with her husband and two children. Outside of the office, she enjoys sports, mid-century modern architecture and design, cooking and visiting wineries.


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Twitter: @hearingaids

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