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Creating delicious, and nutritionally smart, veggie-rich foods that are ready-to-eat and available everywhere

March 8, 2021




Christine Luongo, the Senior Brand Manager of Veggies Made Great, the leader in unique frozen veggie rich foods joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition Channel.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Christine Luongo discuss the following:

  1. Tell me about your role at Veggies Made Great?
  2. What are Veggies Made Great exactly – tell us about the line up and what makes them healthy and delicious and where can they be found in the supermarket?
  3. Was the product line based on a specific need – and how did the line product line fulfill that need?
  4. Why is eating a plant based diet so popular right now and how is it both good for your body and good for the environment?
  5. How can people get involved in the Veggies Made Great community and movement?

Summary: It is a fact that most people do not get enough veggies into their diet. The reason is that some people and kids, just don’t like them or don’t know how to prepare them. That is why. Veggies Made Great is on a mission to create the highest quality, remarkably delicious, and nutritionally smart, veggie-rich foods that are ready-to-eat and available everywhere. The plant-based company creatively combines clean and simple ingredients to create a remarkably delicious line of veggie-rich prepared foods for everyday snacks and meals. The product line is allergy-friendly (gluten-free, soy-free, peanut and tree nut-free, and with many dairy-free options) and always showcase veggies as the first ingredient. They are perfect for veggie lovers, vegetarians, and even the pickiest eaters.

Christine Luongo is a Senior Brand Manager at Veggies Made Great. At Veggies Made Great, Christine and her team are responsible for the entire marketing ecosystem, including email marketing, community management, digital and social strategy, shopper marketing programs, customer service, consumer insights and data and research analysis. Christine is passionate about Veggies Made Great’s mission: inspiring people to love eating veggies by creating veggie-packed, nutritionally smart and remarkably delicious foods. Her favorite veggies are brussel sprouts. Prior to joining Veggies Made Great, Christine was a Digital Strategist for Margaritaville Enterprises and a member of the Investments Marketing team at J.P. Morgan Private Bank. After 10 years of marketing related roles, both in CPG marketing and services marketing, Christine believes in partnering with brands that have a unique and inspiring story to tell. 

Christine has been quoted in The Shelby Report, Food & Beverage Magazine and Frozen & Refrigerated Magazine for her insight on the frozen food category. 

Christine holds a BA in Marketing from Syracuse University.





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