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Changing your eating increase success rate with Julie Stubblefield

September 2, 2014

Julie Stubblefield, Founder of the Fit Mom Revolution, an online community focused on helping moms feel better so they can care for the ones they love joins eHealth Radio and the Weight Management & Fitness Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Julie Stubblefield discuss the following:

  • What is the biggest struggle you've seen with your clients when it comes to changing their eating?
  • How does this impact their long-term success?
  • What steps can they take to turn it around?
  • How does changing their eating increase their success rate?
  • What's the first step listeners can take to get their emotional eating under control?

Duration: 10:20

After spending most of her adult life in the yo-yo diet cycle, Julie Stubblefield became determined to get fit for good. Seventy pounds lighter, she became a fat loss coach and opened her own personal training studio in Mechanicsville, VA.

Julie has spent the last few years working with hundreds of women to not only change how they eat and exercise, but also how they view themselves and their roles in this world. Knowing that the struggles moms face are universal, Julie launched the Fit Mom Revolution to reach women worldwide who are looking for support and guidance on their journey to live fulfilling and healthy lives.

Julie's motto is, "Life is more than the size of your pants or the number on the scales.  It's about the enjoyment of what's around you and the fulfillment you can experience while getting healthy."

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Twitter: @juliefitmomrev
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