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Changing the Way HealthCare is Delivered

September 9, 2016

Mary Meyer, the National Director of Health Coaching at Marathon Health, a leading provider of onsite health clinics joins eHealth Radio & the Health Care & Health News Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Mary Meyer discuss the following:

  • Tell a little about your background in healthcare.
  • What led you to finding Marathon Health?
  • How is Marathon Health’s care model different from the traditional care model you were used to?
  • Can you share any stories about patient experience’s and how this model of care has impacted the patient?
  • What advice would you give recent nursing graduates or those looking for a change in their career?
  • Beyond clinical expertise, what are some skills necessary to succeed in healthcare today?

Duration: 12:18

Mary Meyer, RN, serves Marathon Health as the National Director of Health Coaching. She has been a registered nurse for 14 years, including 10 years providing oncology, hematology and palliative care nursing services at the University of Minnesota. She has worked with the American Cancer Society and Healthy Seniors programs providing preventative nursing services.

She is a motivating speaker and is passionate about assisting individuals to achieve their best health. Mary has one son and competes in Triathlons in her spare time.


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Twitter: @marathonhealth

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