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Carol Elizabeth Workout Program for Mothers

August 14, 2014

Carol Elizabeth, Founder of the CE ME Slim down and Tone Up programs, aimed at helping women, especially mothers, lose weight joins eHealth Radio and the Weight Management & Fitness Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Carol Elizabeth discuss the following:

  • Why did you create the Carol Elizabeth workout program and whom is it targeted towards?
  • How much weight loss can you expect to loose with the program(s)?
  • What are alternative ways mothers can get a workout in?
  • What makes your workout program(s) different from the others?
  • Why is it important for mothers to have a healthy lifestyle?

Duration: 9:50

Toronto based personal & emotional trainer, motivational speaker and co-founder of the Evolve Live Fit programs, Carol Elizabeth is a business owner and active mom who set out to lose some squish and along the way transformed herself from a lost and empty mom of three with nothing left to give into a sought after online trainer, wellness speaker and fitness competitor with her latest title being Ms Figure Universe (2013) at 43 years of age. She has coached hundreds of women using her proven online programs that include her 3 Ms of success: Motivation, Meals and Movement.

Carol Elizabeth has a passion for helping women transform themselves from fatigued to fit, both mentally and physically, and she thrives on teaching people how to be healthy for their whole family. At 44 Carol is a published fitness model, magazine contributor and motivational life coach who uses her own proven methods to get you feeling like YOU again, from the inside out. Her expertise has taken her from radio to TV to fitness DVDs and she is also an international figure athlete, fitness model and national brand ambassador. Now the creator of the new CE ME Programs and The Celebrate ME Retreat, Carol has set out to uncover the evolution of YOU finding your ME.

Web Site:
Twitter: @ceinspired

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