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April 18, 2019




Shawn Sherwood, Vice President of Product Development at Designer Protein, the leading legacy brand in the sports and active nutrition category and exists to help consumers achieve their health and fitness goals with the most advanced products known to science joins eHealth Radio and the Nutrition & Health News Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Shawn Sherwood discuss the following:

  1. How has Designer Protein led in the sports nutrition category?
  2. You recently launched a keto product, how does the product work within that keto lifestyle?
  3. What goes into product development at DP?
  4. Eggs seem to always be in the news, how does the Totally Egg product stand out?
  5. What drives you to succeed in your role?

About Shawn Sherwood

Protein Delivery Engineer. My 27 years of experience offers innovative and unique formats providing consumers with protein delicious foods. I thoroughly test and approve all of our ingredients, suppliers, and co-packers so I have a thorough understanding of quality systems and what needs to be done during the approval process. Always looking at new, innovative ingredients and building protein delivery systems to create unique protein offerings.

My work experience includes protein powders, bars, shakes, non-shake ready to drink beverages, and other on the go deliveries with: whey proteins, casein, milk proteins, pea proteins, rice proteins, sunflower proteins, algae proteins, sustainable complete plant proteins, seed and nut proteins.

I believe in the ketogenic lifestyle and believe it can improve many health issues brought on by the Standard American Diet (SAD). My goal is to provide new keto food offerings to make following this incredible life choice more simple.





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