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Building a Better Fat Trap. Q & A with Gary Thompson, M Pharmaceuticals

January 21, 2017


Gary Thompson, President and CEO of M Pharmaceuticals USA, a clinical-stage company developing innovative technologies for obesity and weight management joins eHealth Radio and the Health News, Pharmaceutical & Weight Management Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Gary Thompson discuss the following:

  • A fat loss drug is the holy grail, what has been the challenges in developing a drug that actually works?
  • With drugs that "trap fat", what have been the issues surrounding Orlistat products currently on the market?
  • Your company has redesigned this drug, now called C-103, to address "bathroom issues", how does this new drug work?
  • What have studies for C-103 demonstrated so far?
  • Would your drug work against other illnesses that affect the obese such as fatty liver disease, if so, how?
  • What is the next step for your diet drug?


Gary A. Thompson, B.S. is President & CEO M-Pharmaceutical U.S.A. Inc. Thomspon has 30 years plus of sales and management experience in Fortune 500 health care organizations and start up pharmaceutical companies. He has served as Vice President of sales for Cigna Healthcare managing billions of assets over his career. Mr. Thompson's management and leadership roles with start up ventures including ToConceive LLC., (510K FDA Clearance ) in women's health and wellness, and in the obesity space as President of M-Pharma's newly acquired Chelatexx, LLC., C-103 reformulated orlistat.




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