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Are relational avatars the future of mental health treatment?

February 28, 2019




Tim Hawke, a mental health clinician from Australian company Clevertar, that has a range of app based health coaching programs which are delivered interactively by a relational avatar joins eHealth Radio and the Health News and Mental Health Channels. Today's discussion is about their anxiety and depression coach which may well be the future of mental health treatment at scale.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Tim Hawke discuss the following:

  1. How is the prevalence of anxiety and depression growing, and yet the understanding and education of these conditions not matching this rise?
  2. What is cognitive behaviour therapy and how does it work to treat high prevalence mental illness such as depression and anxiety?
  3. Where can self-help material work people? And what can someone do to see changes in their mood or mental health right now?
  4. How do virtual agents like Claire and the Clevertar team bridge a gap in supporting users see change in their mental health?

Tim Hawke is a mental health clinician and cognitive behavioural therapist – he has worked in the health and mental health sector for the past 10 years, with experience in acute and emergency mental health care and is now focused and passionate in providing evidence-based therapies to support those suffering high prevalence mental illness such as anxiety and depression.

Tim believes through improved education and awareness, people can experience breakthrough through struggles of mental illness and find mastery over their mood, experience recovery and improved well being. Tim worked closely with Clevertar and Flinders University's School of Medicine to write the app based mental health coaching program.





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