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An easy, accurate and affordable blood test that is going to transform the way colon cancer screening is done

December 13, 2015

Don Weber, CEO of Beacon Biomedical, that is developing an very easy, highly accurate and extremely affordable test for doctors to use in their offices to screen their patients for the presence of undiagnosed colon cancer using a single finger-prick of blood that will provide results in less than 10-minutes joins eHealth Radio and the Cancer Prevention and Health Care Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Don Weber discuss the following:

  • What is the biggest concern surrounding colon cancer?
  • Why is cancer screening so important?
  • What are some of the obstacles that doctors and patients have with screening? 
  • How does Beacon’s colon cancer screening test, ColoRT™, actually work? 
  • What would be the number one thing patients could do to reduce their rick to colon cancer?

Duration: 6:26

Donald F. Weber is the CEO & President of Beacon Biomedical Inc.. As graduate of Northern Illinois University and a 27-year Arizona resident, Don has over 38-years of operational management and business development experience in the biotechnology, diagnostics and management consulting industries. His expertise lies in the technical, operational and businesses development needs of both start-up and high growth companies to improve their bottom line performance, expand revenue growth and increase market share.

Don has served in numerous leadership and corporate management roles over his career involving corporate business development, marketing and sales, technology licensing, quality assurance oversight, regulatory compliance, strategic partnering and finance, and product scientific evaluation, development and commercialization.

As the CEO and President of Beacon Biomedical, Don is leading the charge in the company’s mission and vision to save more lives by developing easier, more accurate and affordable tests for earlier cancer detection to help increase patient compliance with life saving cancer screening


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Twitter: @BeaconBiomed

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