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Amber Warrington, VP of Marketing at Terravate Beauty, Brand Pura d’or

February 3, 2017


Amber Warrington, VP of Marketing at Terravate Beauty, a company that owns several brands including PURA D’OR joins eHealth Radio and the Hair Health and Hair Loss Prevention Channels.


Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Amber Warrington discuss the following:

  • Pura d'or is a brand of hair care products that are formulated with premium natural ingredients. How do these product formulations differ from those of other beauty and hair care brands that are not made with pure and natural ingredients?
  • What are some of the premium ingredients in the Pura d'or Blue product line?
  • What hair & scalp issues do the Pura d'or Blue line of products address?
  • What are the products in the line?
  • Pura d'or has been seen on TV, in magazines, has thousands and thousands of online written reviews and you tube video reviews and product spotlights. Does the theme of these reviews and videos focus on the natural ingredient benefits, the results from using the products or both?
  • Pura d'or is an online bestseller and continues to dominate the market in naturally based products. Approximately how many stores can Pura d'or be found in and where does one purchase Pura d'or online?


Amber Warrington has over a dozen years of experience working with global brands, including many years at L’Oreal and Warner Bros. She has worked in marketing, product development, publicity, packaging, and advertising. She has a proven track record of creating strategic solutions and developing high profile campaigns, programs and promotions as well as producing original and forward thinking concepts that successfully drive brand awareness, loyalty and sales.



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