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Addiction and Relapse Prevention with Ben Brafman

September 22, 2012


The topic today is Addiction and Relapse Prevention with September being National Recovery Month. On this episode of eHealth Radio and the Mental Health Channel, we have Behavioral health expert Ben Brafman, the founder and CEO of Destination Hope, a full-service mental health and substance abuse treatment facility located in Fort Lauderdale, FL with gender specific treatment.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Ben Brafman discuss the following:

  • Prescription drug abuse is the latest epidemic in the war against drugs. How prevalent is prescription drug abuse? What are the most commonly abused drugs? Can you tell us a little about who is affected and what is going on in America today?
  • Communities, governments, law enforcement, the medical community and drug manufacturers have all banded together to try to stop the epidemic. They've reformulated certain drugs, arranged drop-off locations for unused prescription drugs and started education campaigns. What has been the effect of all of this? Is it working?
  • Ben, you work in addiction treatment and recovery. How many people are seeking help for prescription drug abuse? How do they seek treatment? What type of treatment is available and is it effective?
  • Relapse is obviously the largest concern for someone who has suffered from prescription drug abuse. Do you have any relapse prevention advice for individuals in recovery?


Ben Brafman, LMHC, CAP, is the Clinical Director, President and CEO of Destination Hope, a nationally recognized substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment facility in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. With more than two decades of hands-on experience in the field of substance abuse and addiction, Ben is a leading authority on substance abuse, addiction and treatment protocols. A licensed behavioral health counselor and certified addition professional, Ben has grown into an industry expert, educating both healthcare and public audiences on issues in the field of addiction.

In 2007, Ben founded Destination Hope, a new model in full service addiction recovery. Combining his experience as an addiction tech, behavioral health counselor and clinical director, Ben developed treatment protocols that focused on individualized treatment, versus an all in one approach. His unique approach, to treat an individual as a whole instead of a set of symptoms by addressing the psychological, physical and emotional issues related to substance abuse set a new standard in addiction treatment. Destination Hope was an immediate success, and today has expanded into multiple treatment programs.

To date, under the leadership of Ben Brafman, Destination Hope has successfully helped hundreds of individuals from across the country navigate a path to sobriety. A combination of dedicated behavioral health counselors and truly unique care has made the Destination Hope’s program one of the most noted drug rehab programs in the country.

Behavioral Health Counselor
Ben has experience serving clients and leading therapy programs at a variety of residential, clinical and outpatient behavioral health programs. Ben is a Member of the Mental Health Association, the Broward County Task Force on Drugs and Alcohol and a member of the Dual Diagnosis Association. He is a nationally certified counselor, a certified addiction professional, a licensed mental health counselor and an anger management specialist. Ben has served as an expert witness in DUI/drug cases.

Ben regularly writes and leads workshops on substance abuse and addiction, mental health and treatment protocols for private companies as well as professional trade organizations. For more information on his speaking schedule or past events, please visit Ben’s Drug Abuse and Addiction Newsroom.

Behavioral Health Advocate
Recognizing a need to elevate the continuing professional education of addiction professionals and behavioral health counselors like himself, Ben founded the Academy for Addiction Professionals. An education and professional licensing facility dedicated to professional advancement, the Academy provides industry certifications as well as ongoing education for addiction professionals. Ben is also the founder of a non-profit organization to help those who cannot pay for substance abuse and addiction treatment, RxAngels. RxAngels helps subsidize medication for those that cannot afford prescription treatment for mental illness and substance abuse disorders.

As a behavioral health counselor, Ben is dedicated to helping those beyond the treatment facility. He is an active volunteer with Community Friends Association, and co-founder of Southern Lights A.I.D.S. project. Ben has been awarded community service commendations from the Salvation Army – 1990’s Community Service Person of the Year and the Spirit of the Community Award in 2000.

Ben Brafman holds a BA from Syracuse University and a MA from Barry University in Mental Health Counseling and Family Therapy. He and his wife live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with their three wonderful children. He has completed three marathons and is training for a triathlon.



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