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A Natural Approach to Lyme Disease Prevention

A Natural Approach to Lyme Disease Prevention

September 24, 2015

Trevor Nelson, Co-Founder of Pure Solutions, a provider of safe, environmentally sustainable methods for tick, mosquito, and deer control joins eHealth Radio and the General Health, Health News & Lyme Disease Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Trevor Nelson discuss the following:

  • Let’s start with the basics.  What is Lyme disease, and how can you contract it?
  • Personally I only think about ticks and Lyme disease in the summer because that’s when I spend the most time outdoors, do we only have to worry about Lyme disease in the summer?
  • What is Pure Solutions doing to help?
  • Typically when companies try to protect against insects, there is a harmful effect on the environment from toxins. How is Pure Solutions’ different? 

Duration: 7:11

Trevor Nelson is co-founder of Pure Solutions. Prior to Pure Solutions, Trevor was a sales consultant for Classic Wine Imports, the leading distributor of wines and spirits in New England and the 7th largest distributor in the country, and has more than 5 years of experience directing wine programs at top restaurants in Denver and Boston. His journey from the restaurant industry to co-founding Pure Solutions with his cousin, Brian Whittemore, started with his passions for the environment, public health and social issues impacting local communities and abroad.

He currently lives with his two Labrador Retrievers, two Icelandic horses, and a brood of chickens on a farm in Harvard, Massachusetts.

About Pure Solutions

Founded in 2005 by Brian Whittemore and Trevor W. Nelson, Pure Solutions provides safe, environmentally sustainable alternatives for outdoor services such as mosquito and tick elimination, as well as deer control, for both commercial and residential properties. Pure Solutions is dedicated to the growing responsibilities of its services, which include protecting and preserving the communities, water supplies, and the environment. Pure Solutions joined the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts in 2013, which focuses on building a Massachusetts economy that is local, green and fair.

PROGAEA™ by Pure Solutions is a family of all-natural products which utilizes proprietary botanical extracts and oils which work by disrupting the neurotransmitter function in target insects, and provides residual control. The PROGAEA family of products are both EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt and National Organic Program (NOP) compliant, which benefit both the community and the environment.

Pure Solutions has office locations in Weston and Chatham, Massachusetts, and Lyme, New Hampshire, and services Eastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, Upper Valley Vermont, and New Hampshire. Please visit for more information.


Katrina’s Recovery from Lyme Disease

Katrina’s Recovery from Lyme Disease

October 19, 2013

Katrina Starzhynskaya, author of Katrina's Recovery and founder of Health Mastery retreat joins eHealth Radio and the Lyme Disease, Nutrition, Fitness & General Health Channels.

Listen to interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Katrina Starzhynskaya discuss the following:

  • How were you diagnosed with Lyme Disease and what were your symptoms?
  • Have you tried conventional treatments, i.e. antibiotics, and what other treatments have you tried?
  • What treatments were the most helpful on your way to recovery? 
  • What was the major turning point for you to heal Lyme?
  • Is your treatment plan replicable? Can others recover modeling your plan?

Duration: 8:10

Katrina Starzhynskaya, a former Manhattanie, now resides in San Diego, CA.

Katrina is an author, Founder of Health Mastery Retreat, Holistic Nutritionist, Acupuncturist, Detox Specialist, Public Speaker, and a Health Coach. Katrina is also a Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Tennis Player, and a Model. After being undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, and finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, Katrina realized that Western Medicine had failed her and medical doctors had no clue how to treat Lyme and other degenerative diseases. She rejected the tag of “incurable” that was put on her, so she began researching and trying practically all kinds of alternative treatments known to man.

Since her recovery, Katrina continues to research holistic medicine and drug-free treatments. She travels the world to meet and learn from healers, holistic doctors, health coaches, and real patients who cured their “incurable” diseases. Katrina helps people to reverse chronic illnesses by offering guidance with drug-free treatments at her Health Mastery Retreat.


Andrea Candee, successfully reversing chronic Lyme Disease

Andrea Candee, successfully reversing chronic Lyme Disease

October 8, 2012


Andrea Candee, a master herbalist and holistic health practitioner in practice for over 25 years has been successfully reversing chronic Lyme Disease for nearly 20 years and joins eHealth Radio. She lectures for the NY Botanical Garden, garden clubs and corporate wellness centers throughout the country.

Listen to interview [audio player below] with host Eric Michaels & guest Andrea Candee discuss the following:

  • How does one protect themselves from attracting ticks?
  • Is Lyme Disease more than just a bacterial issue?
  • What do ticks feed on to pick up diseases?
  • Do antibiotics address viruses?
  • How do you resolve viruses?


Well versed in the benefits of nature’s pharmacy, Master Herbalist Andrea Candee brings over 30 years experience in the natural health world to her seminars on medicinal herbs.


A motivational speaker, her workshops have been enthusiastically received throughout the country by those new to healing plants as well as experienced practitioners. Andrea has brought her lectures on herbal self-help to educational facilities, corporations, health food stores, spas, as well as on a QE II sailing to England.

An Instructor for the New York Botanical Garden, she teaches classes on nature's pharmacy.

Informative slide talks include:

  • The Healing Power of Herbs
  • The Natural Approach to Menopause
  • Gentle Healing for Children
  • The Natural Approach to Lyme Disease
  • The Health Food Store: A User-Friendly Alternative to the Pharmacy
  • Revitalizing Your Immune System Naturally
  • The Healing Kitchen ~ The Healing Harvest

Print/Broadcasting Media
Andrea has written and hosted The Healing Power of Herbs, for television, and Revealing Secrets for Mind and Body, for radio. She has been interviewed on television and radio and been featured in national newspapers and magazines.

Andrea has authored Gentle Healing for Baby and Child…A Parent’s Guide (Simon & Schuster), awarded The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval, as well as Herbs, Recipes & Guidance for Winter Wellness; The Cell Phone Dilemma...options for protection in an unseen world; and Sparkling Home ~Healthy Planet ~ Clean Green.

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